Friday, November 18, 2011

Crimson Daggers: Deathline Challenge!

Oh yeah! I'm back again! And this time doing an insane challenge!! Lets see if I can keep my updates of this blog frequent, because I really need to stop disappearing. Its a bad habit I have, and I intend to fight it! Row row, fight the power!

But ok, First i'll talk about where I am on the internet! I want the word of mouth to help me get to where I want to be! So: 

Twitter: @SimplySeage

I'll add more later. 
Now onto the challenge.

I found out about this late. Basically, its....go here to find out, lol: Deathline Challenge

So, as for my goals. These may change as time passes, but this is it for now:

1. Improve my art, and finish my professional portfolios in the fields i want, continue writing songs

2. Move to Toronto: Get out the house at least once per week. (I need to do this, as whenever I focus on one thing, I neglect everything else. I NEED to go out and be social or else I will go back into depression, thanks yo!)

3. Become totally self sufficient through my art, off of commissions and freelance work. Also going to add music to this one, so any money from shows as well.

Im going to be busting ass working towards this. Doing a lot of work everyday and staying on top of my social networks too. So, I hope you will all support me in my journey to be the best I can be!

So, some art! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

What I've Been Up To (Huge Art Drop)

Been keeping busy, you know how it is. Welcome to the Art Game, tra la la. 
I really need to update more often...this is gonna be a huuuge drop, lol.

But before that, just wanted to talk a little! 

I went to a great event yesterday called 'Do's and Don'ts of Portfolios and Interviews'
This was an event hosted and organized by GameArtisans Montreal, and the people telling us these tips were 2 senior members of Ubisoft! I learned a tonnn of information. A lot of which I already knew, but some that were new to me. I took notes the entire session, and I'm in the process of typing up some key points for my friends and anyone interested in the gaming industry who stumbles by my blog, to maybe get some new info they didn't know before. I will be posting that in my next blog post, so please look out for that.  
Ok, well, ON TO THE ART!!


Starting with some finished stuffs:
My first ever pixel art! ( I didn't even know the pencil tool existed!!)

Comic done for a cool little game on Smackjeeves:

Environments, love love love:

Finished Weapons:

Remember those 20 environments? Well, heres a select few from that bunch:

Commission WIP 


Toodles yo.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Montreal Keeping Me BUSY

Oh man, I love it here! Great people, great food, great sights. Jazzfest is coming up, so soon enough; great sounds, haha. Just a wonderful place. To the point that even people who grew up here still love it. Because let me tell you about brampton >.>

On to the art, yo:


Weapons! (some more practical than others, haha):

WIPS and Random Play:

Lifedrawing At Gameartisans Studio!:

 Till next time.
Stay alert, and stay safe!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Always updating

Thanks everyone for your help with picking the 2 concepts. I'll show the final in this post. Along with some new thumbnails and linework for a few variations of the same concept.

Finally went to a Doctor Sketchy's down here. Was epic. Made some new friends, and even won a contest, haha.

vvvvv Won the contest with this one! :D vvvvvv

Yeeee :D

Lifedrawing session at Dawson! It was a group of students all modelling for each other. Was a fun time!

Anyways, gonna drop another post in here tomorrow. Look forward to that.