Friday, February 26, 2010

Paint wit' Peeling!

Yeahhhhhhhh, so talked to some amazing people, got some great inspiration, and a new direction. I'll do a write up about that later, but im happier now, hopefully my work will show a deeper story, and be more than just a pretty shell. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Did my Imagination Pack up and Leave?

I've been feeling down lately... Not so much art blocked, as creatively blocked.
Ive been having a few conversations on msn about it, so I figured I would drop some sections from my conversations. All things that I have said. This will be a little confusing to read, but...yeah, here goes.
(Italics' are responses from different friends to what I said)

Seage says:
i feel like i lost my imagination
i have no stories to tell anymore
i remember when i was young
i could sit on the floor with my fingers, or a toy car, come up with this amazing story in my head and just play for hours and hours alone
having so much fun
because there was a whole world that i could see
but now, its like nothing...i sit here and get no fun ideas...
maybe i need toys again to stimulate my imagination?
maybe trying to write a book?
what the hell!!

Seage, it's because you have grown up. Everyone grows up and loses their stories.

Seage says:
not everyone
the greatest artists keep their stories
I think society tells us to forget about imagination, to let other things do it for us, like tv, or games or whatever. They sell imagination to us, in a way
its not really nurtured
when you are little, your parents enjoy your stories
and urge you to make more
as you get older, people dont want to hear it anymore
they think its not a real skill
because there are more important things like maths and sciences
i think, while focusing on the academic side, we lose our creative side...

yeah ...
because we have grown up. We need to make money so we don't make the time to use our imagination
Seage says:
thats probably why people are so miserable
and why creative people are happier
look at the world of harry potter for instance
JK Rowling created that
all in her head
now shes one of the richest people in the world
she used creativity to make that money

But not everyone can do that. Even if he/she is also creative

Seage says:
of course
the fact that she did it shows that it IS POSSIBLE
not everyone can ride a bike
not everyone can swim
but some people, can, right?


As impossible as it feels right now, I think there is a way to get it back, but i'm so lost as to how to do it. In my work, I want to tell a story, Im tired of creating empty shells. Doing art based on nothing or extremely shallow feelings. I noticed that some of the greats arent there because of their fantastic rendering (although that helps) but its because of their interesting story telling. They create something new and tie in meaning. They truely paint with their heart. They convey emotion and express themselves. Why am I not like this?

I need some advice...maybe someone out there has gone through this and overcome it, or maybe some of you are going through the same thing. I love to hear from you all. Maybe figure this whole thing out.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a Sketch Drop

As the title says. Just a bunch of sketches I've been doing.