Monday, May 10, 2010


Figured I would post 3 of my morning studies. As some of you know, I study under Zhuzhu, so my studies are slightly like his style. STILL ALL SEAGE THOUGH! Cheaahh....ok, im gonna get back to painting now....

Oh, by the way, updated the image in my last post. Fixed the nose.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing to see here!

Move along lads, move along!!
A commission i finally finished. Lots of stuff learned. Im becoming more and more obsessed with little things that no one will even see. I need to work on my common sense, haha. Good times!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Woah! Good News + I was Featured?!

Good news all around lately! Gosh, life has been handing me flowers, and feeding me sweet desserts :D

Okay, so first off, I've met some pretty amazing artists and people lately. I started dropping by Tom Scholes livestream during the evenings, to watch him do his magic, and through that I've had the chance to talk to some great people. One of those people being an artist named Nonie who has been supporting me and helping me towards an old goal, just newly revived! Dropping lots of tips and advice, and just being all around nice, its so awesome, and I thank you dearly for all your help!!
You can find her website here: Winona Nelson aka Nonie
Also, thanks Scott  for your help and advice too! You two are seriously too nice, lol.
Scotts site: Scott Altmann

So, I decided to take some of that advice and started my new portfolio for cover work and illustration. Jumped in on the Story Tellers Challenge over on CG Hub extremely late, haha. Had 3 days to make something look good, but I managed to finish in time.
Detail Shot:

If thats not cool enough, somehow I managed to get an Editors Pick for it :O Thanks so much guys! I'm blown away, and really grateful :) This is a sign. And the sign is saying "Don't slack! Go at this harder! Push and improve!!" And I shall listen to that sign ;)

In other news. Got a chance to call up and talk to an artist named Mike Butkus, last week. Super SUPER nice guy who's been working in the industry for over 20 years. He has a wealth of information, and was nice enough to shine some light on my situation. Really started helping me out of a dark spot. Its so nice to know that i'm not alone. I mean, i'm a total stranger to him, and yet he had the kindness to take time out of his busy (BUSY) schedule to talk to me, drop me some advice and listen to my problems? Theres really some good people in this world.

Super off topic. I was on TV the other day for like 15 seconds (I know, i'm amazing) I was in the season finale of a show called Pure Pwnage. As an extra, by accident! I wasn't even supposed to be there, and somehow I got into a shot with the main character closer to the end of the show, yeeaaah!

Anyways, thats all for now!! I have a bunch of sketches to drop, but i'll save that for another post! I hope you lovely people have a great week :)