Monday, October 25, 2010

New Site + WIPS

Just relaunched my website. Now its actually, well, good. I hated my old design, and the site was totally unprofessional. Hope you guys like this new one. I don't plan on changing it for quite some time, haha.
Check it out (press the image to reach my site):

In other news, i'll be doing an interview with STAMP magazine shortly, which is cool. First time being interviewed. I'll post that here and on my site.
Fashion blog is still being updated, need to hurry on that and start applying to some magazines. Hope things go well: Fashion Blog

And lastly, doing a collaboration with my friend Tricia for the band Disturbed. Not sure exactly what its going to be used for or anything. I know its gonna be on the site. Lets see where that takes us.

Anyways, heres some WIP's for you.

Redoing her face, because the old one was horrendus. 

The piece for Disturbed. Now completed yet, lets see what I can do with this.

A long overdue commission I'm working on. This character is so awesome. Im enjoying paining him and being free with my design choices. 

Anyways, i'm off. Much love to everyone. Hope you're all doing well. And to all those students around here, have an awesome reading week, you deserve a breather :D

Peace out for now!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Stuff and Stuff

Stuff stuff and more stuff.

Rejected Game Proposal Stuff:

Commission stuff:

WIP Commission Stuff:

You can all go and check out my sketchbook for quicker updates if you like. Also more rough stuff, WIPs, the likes.
Oh, i'll throw in my CGHub Sketchbook, if that site tickles your fancy and whatnottles.

Take it easy everyone!

Oh, btw. If you are just dying to have me work on your Trading cards or do a book cover or some interior illustrations for your magazine, or even some concept art, shoot me an email at!
Im not joking....
Seriously you guys....


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cowboys and Rainbows

Hey yo!
So so so. I got contacted by an old friend/writer Ian Daffern, to do a rush job. Basically, one of his artists had sketched out a char for their book, but I guess didn't have the time to paint it. So thats where I came in. Woot woot! I love tight deadlines. Ian knows this well, haha. So yeah, it was just needed in B&W, so this is how it came out. Oh, and its been published :D! I'll take some pics or scan or something, once thats done, since. Even though it was a collaboration, this is my first time being published :).

In other news, working on an illustration for a clients website. Should be good when its done. Gonna put in some heavy hours tonight. Woooo!! Im pumped up!!! LETS GO!

Also: Still accepting projects. Keep those emails-a-coming.

Toodles and so on!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To the next level

Made some variations, retouched, played, replayed re....stuff....

Yeah, im outta here.....

Environments Experiments

Trying new stuff. This isn't finished. The foreground seems too separate from the BG, gonna balance them out.
Back on my schedule and working on some big stuff. Keep your eyes open!! :D Finishing commissions and working on projects. Still open to new freelance though!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Daily Sketch and LFW

Hey all.

I'm searching for freelance work right now. Looking to work on bigger projects. You can email me at if you're interested. And if not, if you could pass on the word that i'm looking, it would be greatly appreciated. My portfolio is

I started up a lil daily sketch challenge with a friend of mine to hone my drawing skills! Its going well so far, only been a few days, but still fun :D
Anyways, to the art:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sketches, Studies, Finished Work, And wait for it! Krump it out!!

I haven't updated in a while, I need to stop that. Hi all, how are you?
My life has been waaaaaack!! Right now I don't have any freelance coming in, so if you need some work done, you know who to call! (and no, its not ghost busters).

I recently landed a part time job, to help me pay for all the ridiculous things in my life. Only to have the company shut down after 1 real shift of um...thanks for the $80.... So i'm without work again, go me!!
I think i may have killed orphans in my past life, because this is ridiculous...seriously.

Anyways, on to some art and stuff.


Two studies from Wu Zhaoming:

Live Stream Sketches Below. Fun fun. Thanks for watching, my prends!!

 Toodles for now peoples. I'll try to update more often again. I got slack :(

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cool Story Bro

Hey...HI YO!!!
Ive got some cool exciting stuff to talk about, but i'll leave that to a later date to announce. Working on some pretty heavy stuff. Hopefully I can show some signs of it soon. Its going to be a total change of pace for me and my art, and I'm very happy and excited about it.

For now WIP's.

First we have my collab cover piece. I just made some random border thing for laughs because I was tired of working on her anymore. Still have some left to do, but it shall be completed shortly.
Lines by Tricia Cezair
Colors by Moi

And here we have the continuation of an old commission that will be completed VERY soon.

And with that, i wish you all toodles and great days, and so forth!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Figured I would post 3 of my morning studies. As some of you know, I study under Zhuzhu, so my studies are slightly like his style. STILL ALL SEAGE THOUGH! Cheaahh....ok, im gonna get back to painting now....

Oh, by the way, updated the image in my last post. Fixed the nose.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing to see here!

Move along lads, move along!!
A commission i finally finished. Lots of stuff learned. Im becoming more and more obsessed with little things that no one will even see. I need to work on my common sense, haha. Good times!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Woah! Good News + I was Featured?!

Good news all around lately! Gosh, life has been handing me flowers, and feeding me sweet desserts :D

Okay, so first off, I've met some pretty amazing artists and people lately. I started dropping by Tom Scholes livestream during the evenings, to watch him do his magic, and through that I've had the chance to talk to some great people. One of those people being an artist named Nonie who has been supporting me and helping me towards an old goal, just newly revived! Dropping lots of tips and advice, and just being all around nice, its so awesome, and I thank you dearly for all your help!!
You can find her website here: Winona Nelson aka Nonie
Also, thanks Scott  for your help and advice too! You two are seriously too nice, lol.
Scotts site: Scott Altmann

So, I decided to take some of that advice and started my new portfolio for cover work and illustration. Jumped in on the Story Tellers Challenge over on CG Hub extremely late, haha. Had 3 days to make something look good, but I managed to finish in time.
Detail Shot:

If thats not cool enough, somehow I managed to get an Editors Pick for it :O Thanks so much guys! I'm blown away, and really grateful :) This is a sign. And the sign is saying "Don't slack! Go at this harder! Push and improve!!" And I shall listen to that sign ;)

In other news. Got a chance to call up and talk to an artist named Mike Butkus, last week. Super SUPER nice guy who's been working in the industry for over 20 years. He has a wealth of information, and was nice enough to shine some light on my situation. Really started helping me out of a dark spot. Its so nice to know that i'm not alone. I mean, i'm a total stranger to him, and yet he had the kindness to take time out of his busy (BUSY) schedule to talk to me, drop me some advice and listen to my problems? Theres really some good people in this world.

Super off topic. I was on TV the other day for like 15 seconds (I know, i'm amazing) I was in the season finale of a show called Pure Pwnage. As an extra, by accident! I wasn't even supposed to be there, and somehow I got into a shot with the main character closer to the end of the show, yeeaaah!

Anyways, thats all for now!! I have a bunch of sketches to drop, but i'll save that for another post! I hope you lovely people have a great week :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still Alive/ Booklet/Job Interview

Hey everyone, Seage is still breathing. Just wanted to show you something!

BAM! My little booklet/resume thing that Miss Parisa helped me make. I've also gotta thank my sister, Odesia, for helping me organize the pages, I was failing hard. Hopefully next time is easier, and I'll go in with a plan, haha.
I made this for my job interview, so I would have something to leave them with, as suggested by my friend and amazing illustrator Charlene Chua. For those of you who don't know, I had an interview at a small gaming company. I don't know the results yet, maybe yes, maybe no, but the interview process was loads of fun, and just going to a studio was nice! I did my best, so hopefully it heeds good results!!

As for other updates, I have some rough sketches but i'll post them in my CA Sketchbook.
I did, however, do a sketch of Parisa (thank you for helping me again!!), then played with it in photoshop. And I have the final of a commission collaboration with my friend Tricia Cezair. She did the lines, I painted over em, and tadaaaa.

Anyway, I'll see you all next time with news on whether I got the job or not. Wish me luck :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Goals of 2010

Look ma', its another girl!! (Happy with this one,woo!!)

I could have sworn I posted these up. But if so, well, repost!!

I have achieved goal #1, which ties into goal #3, so yay me!!

1. Okay, so first, I want to finally get a freaking job. That would be awesome. Then I could stop stressing (over money issues, and start stressing over over-working issues!)
2. I want to drop a thread in the Finally Finished section. I am petrified of that place, but I really wanna do it. And not just to get 1 comment and 50 crits, then get my thread moved to the crit section of the boards! I want to actually do a good job.
3. Move to Shanghai. This is a personal goal of course, and not too art related. But I first need that job. I'm sure I can learn a lot about art over there too. I'll just look for the right people (like zhuzhu /drool)
4. Smoke everyone i'm currently on par with. I've always been one to love the feeling of advancement, too bad that feeling has become a faint taste on the back of my tongue. I slowed down soooo much and kind of fell into this stylistic comfort zone, which is probably the worst thing that could have happened to me. Although, it stopped me from jumping TOO much, i've realized that, no matter how I approach my stuff, it always ends up looking like i did it...meaning its my natural style...I don't need to force it. Its just up to me how far I want to take it or if I want to limit myself, for an extra stylistic look and blah de blah. Im learning that I cant use this 'style' thing as a shortcut to getting out of rendering things that may intimidate me and so on.

About 'smoking people' I'm getting tired of being looked down on by some people who are around my level of work, as if they're somehow better than me. Its strange like that... Its like, the better artists (that I know, or have emailed) have been VERY humble, and very nice in giving me advice, reviews and whatnot. So are some of the artists around my level, but theres also a lot that seem to have this attitude about them. They treat the better artists so nice and respectfully, but then it comes to me, and it's like 'oh, skip that guy' lol. I figure its because i'm in direct competition with them, and anyone who thinks in that competitive way would see me as a i guess I can kind of understand, but forget that crap. I want to surpass them, and when they need me later, we'll see what happens. Depending on if i'm still Man-PMSing or not, lol.
5. I plan to make it in art. Its as simple as that. I plan to become better, become KNOWN, and get rid of this soft, pathetic attitude i've been tugging around recently. I just need to get my shit back in gear, and I figured by writing this down, it would help motivate me, so lets do this shit. We're gonna see some big things in 2010, I don't have time to waste (my parents patience is running thin, lol).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have training for my new job today. I wonder what that will be like. I'm just saving money for my goals. I have things that need replacing, paying off and whatnot, so I'm excited at the idea of finally getting that odd my plate. My ultimate goal seems so near, how great is that...just gotta keep my head up, stop being a bitch, and do the job that I've been lucky enough to get. I know though, that the harder I work, the more money I will make, meaning, I can work less, so thats a good incentive. Lets do the best I can...I guess thats always the final plan, right?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Mursday

Ow, updater. Im gonna finish this today. I'll try not to waste time, just be efficient, damn it!
I found some pictures of me as a child, i'll upload those later for a laugh, haha.

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Painting with Peeling!

Some stuffs for a movie thing I may be working on
Fun fun.