Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost There!

So Im starting to get into the habit of making a daily plan, with times I should work on stuff and whatnot, and today was the first day. It was to get me past my strange artblock that I had. I would explain it all here, but I have to get to work on the Rune Angel comic that i'm coloring, haha. I was totally wasting my time before, but I think im gonna get back on track. Im gonna be going back to my old mindset. Art is a competition to me, and its a fun one that I want to win. I also have stuff to prove to some people, so lets get this train moving!!

Im like 98% done with this now. Gonna let it sit, and then come back and add the finishing touches tomorrow.

All comments are greatly appreciated!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh its coming along nicely. :) Im glad you are starting to come out of your art block. Hopefully, we can start getting back to the old days when we worked all the time and painted and had a shit ton of fun.

    As far as the painting, only thing that grabsmy eye that looks kinda.. well... odd is her stomach. It looks like she has some rolls of fat and I want to make sure it is suppose to look like that. Other than that, it looks beautiful :) Keep up the great work!