Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Goals of 2010

Look ma', its another girl!! (Happy with this one,woo!!)

I could have sworn I posted these up. But if so, well, repost!!

I have achieved goal #1, which ties into goal #3, so yay me!!

1. Okay, so first, I want to finally get a freaking job. That would be awesome. Then I could stop stressing (over money issues, and start stressing over over-working issues!)
2. I want to drop a thread in the Finally Finished section. I am petrified of that place, but I really wanna do it. And not just to get 1 comment and 50 crits, then get my thread moved to the crit section of the boards! I want to actually do a good job.
3. Move to Shanghai. This is a personal goal of course, and not too art related. But I first need that job. I'm sure I can learn a lot about art over there too. I'll just look for the right people (like zhuzhu /drool)
4. Smoke everyone i'm currently on par with. I've always been one to love the feeling of advancement, too bad that feeling has become a faint taste on the back of my tongue. I slowed down soooo much and kind of fell into this stylistic comfort zone, which is probably the worst thing that could have happened to me. Although, it stopped me from jumping TOO much, i've realized that, no matter how I approach my stuff, it always ends up looking like i did it...meaning its my natural style...I don't need to force it. Its just up to me how far I want to take it or if I want to limit myself, for an extra stylistic look and blah de blah. Im learning that I cant use this 'style' thing as a shortcut to getting out of rendering things that may intimidate me and so on.

About 'smoking people' I'm getting tired of being looked down on by some people who are around my level of work, as if they're somehow better than me. Its strange like that... Its like, the better artists (that I know, or have emailed) have been VERY humble, and very nice in giving me advice, reviews and whatnot. So are some of the artists around my level, but theres also a lot that seem to have this attitude about them. They treat the better artists so nice and respectfully, but then it comes to me, and it's like 'oh, skip that guy' lol. I figure its because i'm in direct competition with them, and anyone who thinks in that competitive way would see me as a i guess I can kind of understand, but forget that crap. I want to surpass them, and when they need me later, we'll see what happens. Depending on if i'm still Man-PMSing or not, lol.
5. I plan to make it in art. Its as simple as that. I plan to become better, become KNOWN, and get rid of this soft, pathetic attitude i've been tugging around recently. I just need to get my shit back in gear, and I figured by writing this down, it would help motivate me, so lets do this shit. We're gonna see some big things in 2010, I don't have time to waste (my parents patience is running thin, lol).


  1. Seage I love your style of writing. Anyho my patience was getting thin because I needed a decent timeline. (Not 10 years from now). Your art is coming along nicely. Major improvement.

  2. Seage, I usually don´t comment on such goal lists but I´d like to give an advice as I had kind of similiar thoughts many years ago.

    Be careful with Nr.4, with the " so the people won´t look down on me and l get respect from others" you will probably drive yourself into another one way street. Everyone wants respect for their work, I can relate to that a lot, yet, with this mindset you are making yourself depend on the sympathy of others which can be frustrating when the other wont react the way you´d like them to react. Or in other words, indirectly you let your life beeing dictated by people that you want to surpass and probably don´t even like (?) ... It is a waste of energy that you could use to focus on the goals that you truly want to reach and that will benefit you and your personality the best.

    It could be that, not too far from now, those people wont matter in your live anymore. I mean seriously, let them live in their own world and go your way. Don´t give "them" so much of your attention, that they get a part of your yearly goals.

    The Motivation to get better should come from yourself and the love that you feel for what you are doing and like, not from competitive thoughts or things you despise.
    Having a goal that you can stand behind 100% on your own will also help in situations where you might want to doubt your decisions.

    I know that this is easier said than done but give it at least a try ;) Be honest and respect yourself, before you expect others to fullfil this need of yours !!

  3. you will make it sir
    your works are amazing and it just keeps getting better

    as for the people at your "level". Clearly that isn't the case as much as you think they are. These guys look at your work and see something better than what they can produce and it probably upsets to them; in a way where they have to get all negative.

    The fact that you're keeping positive, not holding back but stepping forward shows that you know what needs to be done and these small issues don't stand in you're way to the bigger goal. all i can really say to you is that you are on the right path so stick to it.

  4. Seeing as you took the time to pause in my blog i thought i should pause in yours too. Actually i did a right run through all your stuff really. Wicked graphic work man can't belive you havn't been doin it all that long. Ah well guess i'l have to follow you too ^^