Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cowboys and Rainbows

Hey yo!
So so so. I got contacted by an old friend/writer Ian Daffern, to do a rush job. Basically, one of his artists had sketched out a char for their book, but I guess didn't have the time to paint it. So thats where I came in. Woot woot! I love tight deadlines. Ian knows this well, haha. So yeah, it was just needed in B&W, so this is how it came out. Oh, and its been published :D! I'll take some pics or scan or something, once thats done, since. Even though it was a collaboration, this is my first time being published :).

In other news, working on an illustration for a clients website. Should be good when its done. Gonna put in some heavy hours tonight. Woooo!! Im pumped up!!! LETS GO!

Also: Still accepting projects. Keep those emails-a-coming.

Toodles and so on!

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