Friday, August 6, 2010

Sketches, Studies, Finished Work, And wait for it! Krump it out!!

I haven't updated in a while, I need to stop that. Hi all, how are you?
My life has been waaaaaack!! Right now I don't have any freelance coming in, so if you need some work done, you know who to call! (and no, its not ghost busters).

I recently landed a part time job, to help me pay for all the ridiculous things in my life. Only to have the company shut down after 1 real shift of um...thanks for the $80.... So i'm without work again, go me!!
I think i may have killed orphans in my past life, because this is ridiculous...seriously.

Anyways, on to some art and stuff.


Two studies from Wu Zhaoming:

Live Stream Sketches Below. Fun fun. Thanks for watching, my prends!!

 Toodles for now peoples. I'll try to update more often again. I got slack :(


  1. wow nice update! especially like the 2nd piece. keep it comin :P

  2. Thanks Eric. Coming the shall!