Monday, October 25, 2010

New Site + WIPS

Just relaunched my website. Now its actually, well, good. I hated my old design, and the site was totally unprofessional. Hope you guys like this new one. I don't plan on changing it for quite some time, haha.
Check it out (press the image to reach my site):

In other news, i'll be doing an interview with STAMP magazine shortly, which is cool. First time being interviewed. I'll post that here and on my site.
Fashion blog is still being updated, need to hurry on that and start applying to some magazines. Hope things go well: Fashion Blog

And lastly, doing a collaboration with my friend Tricia for the band Disturbed. Not sure exactly what its going to be used for or anything. I know its gonna be on the site. Lets see where that takes us.

Anyways, heres some WIP's for you.

Redoing her face, because the old one was horrendus. 

The piece for Disturbed. Now completed yet, lets see what I can do with this.

A long overdue commission I'm working on. This character is so awesome. Im enjoying paining him and being free with my design choices. 

Anyways, i'm off. Much love to everyone. Hope you're all doing well. And to all those students around here, have an awesome reading week, you deserve a breather :D

Peace out for now!


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  1. Wow, nice stuff Seage! Love your new blog look, and your digi-painting is very impressive! You need to teach me some of yo skillz yo! Hahaha :p But wow, I'm really impressed! Keep it up!

    Keep blogging my friend! I love to see more work from you!

    Visit me at