Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Im Back Again & I Moved!

Went on hiatus yet again. But i'm back and working hard on a new portfolio. Doing a concept art portfolio right now.

I just recently moved away from home! Moved out to Montreal, Quebec to start my life! I hope to get a concept art job here soon, and finally get to work with a team and learn from some great artists!! Im really excited, but right now, I need to get my portfolio looking tight!!

I want to thank my good friend Nonie (Winona Nelson) for taking time out of her busy busy schedule to be my 'fake' art director! Shes helping me so much right now, and pushing me beyond my limits, not only in terms of concept art, but art and life as a whole!

Anyways, heres some recent stuff.

                                                Line Drawing for Rose Red; Pre Clothing:

Random Fashion Sketch:

Black Rock Shooter colorist work. 
Lines: Tricia Cezair
Color: Seage

Alternate Blue Version:

Warm Up sketches:

Early Inspiration Sketch for Rose Red:



Silhouettes!! Love these, doing many everyday! Enjoy :)

Till the next drop. Peace!


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