Friday, June 3, 2011

What I've Been Up To (Huge Art Drop)

Been keeping busy, you know how it is. Welcome to the Art Game, tra la la. 
I really need to update more often...this is gonna be a huuuge drop, lol.

But before that, just wanted to talk a little! 

I went to a great event yesterday called 'Do's and Don'ts of Portfolios and Interviews'
This was an event hosted and organized by GameArtisans Montreal, and the people telling us these tips were 2 senior members of Ubisoft! I learned a tonnn of information. A lot of which I already knew, but some that were new to me. I took notes the entire session, and I'm in the process of typing up some key points for my friends and anyone interested in the gaming industry who stumbles by my blog, to maybe get some new info they didn't know before. I will be posting that in my next blog post, so please look out for that.  
Ok, well, ON TO THE ART!!


Starting with some finished stuffs:
My first ever pixel art! ( I didn't even know the pencil tool existed!!)

Comic done for a cool little game on Smackjeeves:

Environments, love love love:

Finished Weapons:

Remember those 20 environments? Well, heres a select few from that bunch:

Commission WIP 


Toodles yo.

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  1. Those guns make me :O-gasm. I also love that girl with the red background... btw, is she having her period?
    I hope you don't get that, actually, try to ignore the blood dripping from her cape now. Haha.