Friday, November 18, 2011

Crimson Daggers: Deathline Challenge!

Oh yeah! I'm back again! And this time doing an insane challenge!! Lets see if I can keep my updates of this blog frequent, because I really need to stop disappearing. Its a bad habit I have, and I intend to fight it! Row row, fight the power!

But ok, First i'll talk about where I am on the internet! I want the word of mouth to help me get to where I want to be! So: 

Twitter: @SimplySeage

I'll add more later. 
Now onto the challenge.

I found out about this late. Basically, its....go here to find out, lol: Deathline Challenge

So, as for my goals. These may change as time passes, but this is it for now:

1. Improve my art, and finish my professional portfolios in the fields i want, continue writing songs

2. Move to Toronto: Get out the house at least once per week. (I need to do this, as whenever I focus on one thing, I neglect everything else. I NEED to go out and be social or else I will go back into depression, thanks yo!)

3. Become totally self sufficient through my art, off of commissions and freelance work. Also going to add music to this one, so any money from shows as well.

Im going to be busting ass working towards this. Doing a lot of work everyday and staying on top of my social networks too. So, I hope you will all support me in my journey to be the best I can be!

So, some art! 

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